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Drug Treatment Court

Drug Treatment Court is a highly structured program in which non-violent felony offenders who have drug dependency issues are placed on probation and are required to participate in substance abuse treatment, frequent drug testing, community support meetings, and regular court attendance to monitor their progress.  Participants begin with the requirement of weekly court attendance and move to monthly attendance as they progress through the program.  A participant’s successes throughout the program are met with rewards while poor choices result in immediate sanctions from the Court.

The program is designed to reduce drug use and prevent relapse and criminal recidivism.  Drug Courts have been in existence throughout the nation for 25 years and have proven effective in reducing crime and saving money in criminal justice costs.

The progress of each participant is monitored by the Drug Court Team which consists of the Drug Court Judge and representatives from the State’s Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, Probation Office, Sheriff’s Office, TASC, Gateway Foundation and Mental Health Center, as well as a private attorney liaison.